Goose Calling 201: Intermediate Series

Goose Calling 201: Intermediate Series

16 Episodes

For those who have completed our introductory course on how to use a goose call, welcome to Goose Calling 201. In this 10-part video series, your trainer Tommy Sessions walks you through the mechanics of the more intermediate goose calls. If you’re willing to put in the practice, this series will help you level up your goose-calling. Advanced clucks, traditional double clucks, spit moans, hiccup calls, rolling double clucks and more — this course covers it all.

Goose Calling 201: Intermediate Series
  • Introduction to Intermediate

    Episode 2

    If you have the beginner course mastered, it’s time to check out these intermediate goose calls, taught by experienced waterfowler Tommy Sessions.

  • Advanced Clucks

    Episode 2

    Again, this technique requires a combination of correct hand placement and breath. Effective callers will be able to create different sound variations, mimicking the effect of multiple geese on the ground.

  • Traditional Double Cluck

    Episode 3

    In the field, you may want to sound like multiple geese. To create different goose tones, move your hands to different spots on the call. Then put two different clucks together to create the traditional double cluck.

  • Exercise | Traditional Double Cluck

  • Spit Note

    Episode 4

    A truly fun and challenging call you won’t want to skip. Geese make this sound all the time, and it can be used in a variety of places, including out on the water, in the air, and as a comeback call.

  • Exercise | Spit Note

  • Spit Moan

    Episode 5

    This is Tommy’s favorite call to use in the field. It’s a comeback call that basically says, “Come back! Please, come back.” If you can do it effectively, you may just salvage an otherwise empty game bag

  • Exercise | Spit Moan

  • Hiccup Call

    Episode 6

    The hiccup is a lot like the moan cluck. It just has a little bit of a gap between the moan and the cluck and is an excellent call to bring out in competition, if not in the field.

  • The Rolling Double Cluck

    Episode 7

    Also called the New School Double Cluck or the Rolling Double Cluck. Work on holding a moan and putting your reed at max pressure before it wants to snap and do a cluck. Add a little speed, and you’ll soon see why it’s called the rolling double cluck.

  • Exercise | Rolling Double Cluck

  • Laydown Call Variations

    Episode 9

    Not every call is a winner by volume. This intermediate goose call slays by bringing approaching geese into your decoys. Learn how to bring them in with low, deep buzzing moans and soft, soft clucks.

  • Exercise | Laydown Call Variations

  • Taking a Call Apart - Marking Your Guts

    Episode 9

    Now that you’ve mastered the intermediate sounds, you’ll want to get comfortable with tuning your call. Learn how to set it up with your ideal tone, pitch and back pressure.

  • Intermediate Conclusion

    Episode 10

    Congratulations — you now have a killer arsenal of calling skills. Be sure to check back regularly for more Call the Wild content, and feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media where you find Slayer Calls.