Learn How to Call Elk, Intermediate Series

Learn How to Call Elk, Intermediate Series

22 Episodes

Go beyond the bugle to emulate the sounds of the herd in the Intermediate Course for more elaborate elk communication. The courses are designed for bow and rifle hunters to bring down the biggest bulls. The Elk Series is available with an annual subscription to Call the Wild.

Learn How to Call Elk, Intermediate Series
  • Basic Cow Call

    Episode 1

    Cow calls are consistent and reassuring to the herd — so for callers, they require precision to avoid alarming the herd with a wonky sound. World elk-calling champion Cody McCarthy shares the right amount of tongue pressure and diaphragm air to master this crucial call.

  • Exercise | Basic Cow Call

  • Feedback in the Field | Basic Cow Call

  • Calf Calling

    Episode 2

    A change in pitch and duration sets a calf's call apart from the basic cow call. Pick up pointers from Cody on the best way to get the little chirp.

  • Exercise | Calf Calls

  • Location Bugle

    Episode 3

    Start threading emotion into your calling as you learn to master the location bugle — a higher, longer call between elk trying to get in touch. It's a great call for hunters as they try to determine whether elk are nearby.

  • Exercise | Location Bugle

  • Chuckles

    Episode 4

    A realistic chuckle separates a good elk caller from a great one. These aggressive grunts are bulls' way of asserting dominance. Cody breaks down the chuckle into three parts to learn at your own pace.

  • Exercise | Chuckles

  • Challenge Bugle

    Episode 5

    Start a screaming match with a bull elk using the hyper-aggressive challenge bugle. It's faster, meaner and more emotive than a location bugle. Be sure to add in those chuckles to spark some extra territorial rage.

  • Exercise | Challenge Bugle

  • Lip Bawl

    Episode 5

    This fun, complex call is a bull screaming "Come to me!" to a harem of elk. When you get it right, it's sure to bring the cows — and a super pissed-off bull — running at you. We suggest moving to your shooting position after you lip-bawl!

  • Exercise | Lip Bawl

  • Barks

    Episode 7

    You might not find a lot of use for barks when you're out hunting, but it's crucial to know what they sound like. Get familiar with barks, the way elk sound the alarm when they sense danger, like a predator … or you.

  • Exercise | Barks and Bark Chuckle

  • Estrous Buzz

    Episode 8

    In areas with a high ratio of cows to bulls, you often hear cows shrilly screaming at the bulls that they're ready to be bred. With the right throaty and nasally inflections, callers can bring a bull running.

  • Exercise | Estrous Buzz

  • Estrous Mew

    Episode 9

    Sometimes mixed in with an estrous buzz, sometimes a more subtle call on its own, the estrous mew is a cow's way of asking a bull, "Please?" A slight fluctuation in air pressure and nasally sound define the estrous mew.

  • Exercise | Estrous Mew

  • Variations in Bugling

    Episode 7

    Sometimes bulls sound like elk, and sometimes they sound like dragons. Listen closely for patterns in vocalizations from elk in your area. Cody shares some of his favorite variations on the basic bugle that he's picked up from decades-hunting elk.

  • External Calls

    Episode 11

    The most important part of hunting and calling is just getting out there. For folks who can't use mouth calls, this dive into external calls explains how to apply the lessons using mouth calls to a push-button call like the Slayer Calls Enchantress.

  • That's a Wrap

    Episode 10

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