Slayer Calls: Waterfowl Demo Videos

Slayer Calls: Waterfowl Demo Videos

6 Episodes

You might be surprised at how realistic a duck call can sound. Listen to hunters produce quacks, greeting calls, and feed sounds with Slayer Calls' lineup of waterfowl calls.

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Slayer Calls: Waterfowl Demo Videos
  • Drake Slayer Double Reed

    Episode 1

    Rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream, the Drake Slayer is a call with a superior tone from the high end all the way to the bottom that grows with you as a caller. We’re not kidding when we say anyone can sound super ducky with this call. The double-reed construction and acrylic soun...

  • Drake Slayer Single Reed

    Episode 2

    Whether the Drake Slayer is your first single-reed call or your 50th, slayers say this call is the easiest-to-blow single-reed call on the market. Even our CEO, Bill “Duck Slayer” Ayer, says he’s among the vast majority of hunters who couldn’t blow a single reed — until he created the Drake Slaye...

  • Ranger Single Reed Duck Call

    When the mallards need that little bit of extra horsepower to pull them in, the Ranger Single Reed is the duck call for the job.

    The Ranger is designed to let callers draw massive lungfuls of air and give the call all they've got. The result? Deafening volume, without losing the mallard call's r...

  • Ranger Double Reed Duck Call

    Episode 4

    If you want a double reed duck call that can take as much air as you can blow, the Ranger is the call for you.
    More air means more volume — without compromising the quality of duck sounds. With a wider exhaust, the Ranger Double Reed duck call is one of the loudest on the market while remaining v...

  • Suzie Slayer Double Reed

    Episode 5

    Step up your slay game with the Cadillac of duck calls. The luxurious bocote Suzie Slayer is a wooden call with the finesse to work the wariest ducks. Go ahead. Make ’em jealous. You’re going to ooze class when you bring Suzie to the duck club.

    The Suzie Slayer’s Brazilian bocote wood barrel isn...

  • Mallard Reaper

    Episode 6

    Slayer’s easy-to-blow Mallard Reaper is the best duck call for beginners and features a great tone from the high end to the bottom.

    Nothing ruins a first duck hunting experience like bad gear. Your waders leak, your jacket soaks through and the reeds in your duck call stick in the cold. Luckily...