How to Use the Enchantress: Overview

How to Use the Enchantress: Overview

6 Episodes

Expert instructor Tommy Sessions seamlessly translates his elk-calling skills to Slayer Calls' Enchantress push-button call. Learn how to master calf, cow and bull elk calls with the same realistic sound as you get with a mouth call.

In this course, Tommy shows how to use an external call for the basic elk bugles you'll need in the woods. Watch the 6 video lessons at your own pace to learn how to call elk using the Enchantress push button call, then practice using the exercises. These lessons are designed for hunters who are new to using external calls or who want to add the unique sounds of the Enchantress call to their arsenal.

How to Use the Enchantress: Overview
  • Welcome

    Episode 1

    Instructor Tommy Sessions introduces the parts of Slayer Calls' Enchantress push button elk call. Learn how making sound with an external call translates from traditional mouth reeds.

  • Basic Elk Calls

    Episode 2

    These foundational calf and cow calls are part of basic herd communication, so they're the first to learn on the Enchantress.

  • Bugle Tube Installation

    Episode 3

    To bugle like the big bulls, you'll need Slayer Calls' Swagger Bugle Tube. Learn how to attach the bugle tube to the Enchantress to amplify your sound.

  • Location Bugle

    Episode 4

    A bull elk's locator bugle is a more complex, multi-part call to get the realistic sound you're looking for.

  • Lip Bawl

    Episode 5

    Drive that bull wild with a lip bawl to draw him in for a final challenge. The same concepts apply as if you were using a mouth reed.

  • Common Mistakes

    Episode 6

    Thumb positioning, breath and directional air are all critical to create realistic elk sounds on your Enchantress push-button call.